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€160.00 / 2 h
Price includes 4 persons. Extras:
  • Participants€15.00


Vuojoen Kartano Oy vuojoki@vuojoki.fi +358 10 579 7249 Company id: 2006895-0 Merchant terms

Secrets of Vuojoki Mansion -escape room

The first escape room in Eurajoki is in Vuojoki Mansion!

Lars Magnus Björkenheim was one of the wealthiest businessmen in 1830's Finland. He owned the Vuojoki Mansion, designed by architect C.L. Engel.

The mansion flourished in Björkenheim's hands, but the locals were sure that the mansion is haunted...

When the workers were restoring the mansion in the beginning of 2000's, they foud something that was not visible in Engel's drawings. 


You will experience a escape room like never before. The milieu itself is a bit too much for many, not to mention the challenges awaiting in the room... 

Are you clever enough to get out? 

A few things to remember before booking the room:

- the room is not accessible by wheelchair
- we do not recommend the room for you if you have respiratory issues, or have been effected by poor indoor air quality
- no playing under the influence
- not suitable for children under 15 years
- the rooms temperature depends on the outdoor climate, so there might be cold or hot

If you wish to pay with e-passi, Smartum or other culture vouchers, please contact vuojoki@vuojoki.fi in advance.